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HRV Biofeedback with breathwork. You’re in control.

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Realtime HRV and HR. Learn & Optimize.

Get powerful, accurate and continuous HR & HRV data from a Polar H10 chest strap so you learn and optimize your life.

Hanu HRV Live HR & HRV

Powerful Insights.

Track your stress resilience using our proprietary Stress Resilience Score (SRS). Gain insights and track the causes of your stress using our powerful life events feature.

Hanu HRV SRS & Life Events
Select a breathing training and set your parameters.
Track your progress during the exercise.
Optimize and improve based on detailed results.

Train & Improve

With our integrated breathing exercises with realtime biofeedback, you can practice regulating your autonomic nervous system, get immediate feedback, track the results, and ultimately … improve.

We focus on stress
so you don’t have to

We are clinical psychologists,
psychophysiologists, mental health experts, and
health and wellness coaches. We know stress
and it’s our goal to help.

Track & Analyze.

Using our Snapshot Feature, you can track and analyze anything. From your cold plunge, a sauna experience, visiting a sound garden, meditations a long run, you name it.

Our podcast

Interviews with diverse industry and scientific leaders, and pioneers in helping others to improve their wellness both physically and mentally.

Our Blog

There is a lot to learn about stress, stress resiliency and human optimization. Our blog is a repository of amazing information on these subjects and way more.

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